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02 November 2012

Farming Simulator 2013 - Feeding Cows (TUTORIAL)

This tutorial is about feeding your game cows in Farming Simulator 2013 and how to make your cows in game happy. In this tutorial you can find how to feed your cows in game with all possible feeding methods, starting with how to feed cows with Grass, then moving to more advanced feeding - feeding game cows with Straw, we will be making Silage in silo bunker from Grass and Chaff and feeding it to cows in game, and in last part we will be feeding cows with Mixed Ratio

We start this from easy feeding steps first and then we move to harder ones like mixing ratio with
Kuhn Profile 1880 or even with Kuhn SPV Confort 12

Basic information about game what goes where and where to find your cattle.
(click the picture to make it larger)
Farming Simulator 2013 - Game Screenshot - feeding cows
Farming Simulator 2013 game screenshot
Question: Where I can find my cattle farm ?
Answer: If you look at the screenshot above in PDA you can find icon with cow picture that's where you need to go/drive to find your cattle farm.

I play all games on hard mode and without cheating. Farming Simulator 2013 is not a exception. All items you see in game screenshots is earned with "hard work". I never played any farming simulator games before this is my first one. Also this is my first tutorial and I hope you will like it. Enjoy and thank you for reading.

If you find this tutorial helpful please share to your friends. If you want me to add something - leave a comment and I will add information to this tutorial.

Feeding Cows - STRAW

You get straw after you harvest wheat or barley. By feeding straw to cows in game we will get free manure to fertilize fields. To feed straw to your cows in game we need to buy some equipment:
  1. Any Front Loader with Bale Fork - necessary
  2. Krone Comprima V 180 Round Baler - necessary
  3. Bale Transporter - optional
  4. Kuhn Primor 3570 M - necessary
Minimum money you need to buy basic equipment in game is about - $ 164,000

After harvesting wheat or barley you get straw.
After harvesting wheat or barley you get straw
That's how the straw looks in game

Making round bales with  Krone Comprima V 180 Round Baler.
Making round bales with  Krone Comprima V 180 Round Baler
Round bales from straw
NOTICE: If you make square bales with Krone Big Pack 1290 Square Baler you will not be able to give straw to your cows !

Adding round bales to Kuhn Primor 3570 M.
Adding round bales to Kuhn Primor 3570 M
Operating front loader in game can be hard sometimes

Using Kuhn Primor 3570 M round hay bale feeder to feed cows with straw.
Feeding cows with straw
Spreading straw with Kuhn Primor 3570 M

 Feeding Cows - GRASS

In my opinion feeding cows with grass is easiest process from all others. By feeding grass to cows in game we will get free liquid manure to fertilize fields. To feed cows with grass we will need:
  1. Any Sowing Machine - necessary
  2. Any Mower - necessary
  3. Any Loading Wagon - necessary
Minimum money you will need to invest is about $ 99,000

Sowing grass. You can do this with any sowing machine in game.
Sowing grass
Sowing grass

Mowing grass. You can do this with any grass mower in game.
Mowing grass
Moving grass

Loading grass to wagon.
Loading grass to wagon
Loading grass to wagon

Feeding cows with grass. This is the easiest part in game.
Feeding cows with grass
Feeding cows with grass and using loading wagon

NOTICE: It's possible to feed cows with grass by using Amazone Profihopper, it's much cheaper then any loading wagon or mower, it costs only $ 3,500 You can start  feeding your cows with it and buy loading wagon and mower later.

 Feeding Cows - SILAGE

We done with easy feeding. Feeding cows with silage is first step to more complex game mechanics. In this tutorial we will be using Kuhn Profile 1880 but it also can be done with Kuhn SPV Confort 12. Also this tutorial have two part. In part one we will be making silage from grass and chaff, and in part two we will feed silage to cows in game.

In this tutorial I will be calling fermented silo as silage because that's how it is named in game
PDA > Statistics  > cows information window.

Part 1 - Making Silage
We can make silage from:
  1. Grass
  2. Chaff (can be made easy from grass or corn with Krone Big X 1000 Forage Harvester)
Moving grass tools and loading wagon will cost you about $ 99,000 of game money. To make chaff from grass with Krone Big X 1000 Forage Harvester and Krone XDisc Direct Cutting System will cost you $ 415,000 of game money.

I assume that you already know how to mow grass and load grass to loading wagon in this game.
Unloading grass to silo bunker.
Unloading grass to bunker

Making chaff from grass with Krone Big X 1000 Forage Harvester and Krone XDisc Direct Cutting System. I found this the easiest and fastest way to make chaff.
Making chaff from grass with Krone Big X 1000 Forage Harvester

Unloading chaff to silo bunker.
Unloading chaff to bunker

To make silage we need to fill the bunker at least for 10% with grass or chaff or mix of chaff and grass.
Fill the bunker at least for 10%
now we have to compact to 100% 
We have to compact to 100%
To compact the silo you have to drive over the unloaded chaff/grass (silo) with any tractor.

When you compact silo to 100% you get the option "Blanket silo".

After you blanket your silo you will have to wait till it gets fermented to 100%
Fermenting chaff or grass

NOTICE: Fermenting process IS NOT EFFECTED by game speed. I'm not sure about time you have to wait till your silo gets fermented to silage. I think it took me about 30-45 minutes in real time.   

Part 2 - feeding cows with Silage
Firs lets see what tools we will be using to feed cows with silage in game.
  1. Any Front Loader with Silage Fork - necessary
  2. Kuhn Profile 1880 - necessary
  3. Any Tractor - necessary
I'm sure you have a tractor so you will need about $ 70,000 of game money to start feeding cows with silage.

After fermenting silo to silage is completed we can feed your hungry cows in game. You will notice that your silo got darker and white blanket is gone - that's how you know when you have a silage.
Farming Simulator 2013 - Silage

To load silage with front loader you have to attach silage fork first.
Loading silage to front loader.
Loading silage to front loader

Unloading silage to Kuhn Profile 1880
Unloading silage to Kuhn Profile 1880

Feeding cows with silage.
Feeding cows with silage

You did it ! Congratulations !

 Feeding Cows - MIXED RATIO



  1. verry nice tutorial, but " Feeding cows with straw " is wrong, you need straw for the cows to sleep on it :) thats it

  2. u can also use the ride on law mower to feed the cows

    1. all you need to do is get the AMAZONE Profihopper under the mowers tab> Now go and mow some grass and then go to one of the troughs and when you're close enough you can press q and it will unload into the trough. The reason why he left this out is because the mower is incredibly slow and doesn't hold much grass to fill the trough. You're much better off spending more money for something that is more worth it.

  3. Hello...My problem is that the machine won't spread the hay bale and give it to the cows :( I am using a Deutz tractor...Is that a problem?

  4. You can feed cows squared straw bales. You'll only put the straw to the mixer and nothing else :)

  5. Actually you don´t need a round baler or a feeding machine to put straw to your cows. It´s enough to collect the straw from the field with a wagon or forage trailer and get close to the trough and press Q.

  6. Hi. A quick thought. I think the mower shown in the 7th picture... can be attached to the front of the tractor as well... thus allowing one to drag the auto-collecting forage wagon behind... while mowing. This allows one-pass mowing and collecting on a pretty large scale.

  7. one notice...fermenting process IS EFFECTED by game speed... :)

    1. Yep! Exactly. It takes 24 in-game hours :)

  8. Can i feed cows with grass bales ?

    1. If you put the bales into the top of the Kuhn Profile 1880 of the Kuhn Confort SPV 12 you can. Just get a front end loader with a bale fork and pick up your hay bales and dump them right in the top. :)

  9. My Manure bunker wont fill up! what should i do?

    1. Hey Nick. If you have tried everything above and it still isn't filling up then there's not very much I can do for you, however if you haven't I suggest using the mixing ration trailer or vehicle. Therefore you can get %100 productivity if you have done it right. The best ratio (that I have found) is 1 square bale of hay, 1 square bale of straw and just top the rest up with the silage. I hoped this helped. :)

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