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22 November 2014

Euto Truck Simulator 2 - Company List

Euro Truck Simulator 2 All Company List - all in one place with descriptions about company  activity.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the best truck simulator game ever created. Buy It ! And you will have tones of fun playing this game. The money and time you spend playing the game - worth it.

1. BCP : Car and equipment manufacturer.

2. EuroAcres : Farming company.

3. EuroGoodies : Processes the food and transports it elsewhere.

4. FCP : Car and equipment manufacturer.

5. ITCC : Construction materials.

6. Kaarfor: End-consumer - Supermarket. (doesn't spawn own cargo)

7. LkwLog GmbH : Distribution centre, handles everything.

8. NBFC : Chemical manufacturer.

9. Posped: Food producer or tiny version of LKWLog

10. SanBuilders: Construction company.

11. Scout : Car & Otomotive Company.

12. SellPlan: End-consumer consumer products, furniture etc. (doesn't spawn own cargo)

13. Stokes : Distribution centre. Medium size version of LKWLog.

14. Stein-Bruch : Quarrie.

15. Tradeaux : Distribution centre. Medium size version of LKWLog.

16. Trameri :

17. TransiNet : Distribution centre. Medium size version of LKWLog.

18. Tree-ET: Raw wood products. Logging company.

19. WGCC : Chemical product manufacturer.

I hope you found what you needed. Have fun playing euro truck simulator 2 game and don't forget to come back for more... :)

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