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20 May 2013

How to zip folders on server with webmin

If you got massages like:

Failed to download file : A directory cannot be downloaded unless the zip command is installed
zip: command not found ubuntu
something else...

I was getting errors in webmin, to solve my problem I simply connected to my server with PuTTY and ran following commands

apt-get update


sudo apt-get install zip

now you can download folders in webmin or make zip files with command line and then download zip files.

To make zip file with command line:

go to folder where you have folder needed to zip

cd goto/folder_directory

run command to make zip file

zip -r ZipFileName.zip folder_name_YOUwantTO_zip

(change red text with your information)

Have fun :)


  1. Thanks for the post pliusInfo

  2. where the command at???
    can u explain a bit more??
    i do not understand

  3. Thank you for your Post. But the command does not work.
    I tried this command : zip -r ZipFileName.zip where/www
    my files are in where/www.
    the result is sh: 1: zip: not found