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16 November 2012

Howrse - How To Get BLUP +100 (TUTORIAL)

This tutorial will help you to find the best rides and training to BLUP your breed/horse in a Howrse online game. It's easy to BLUP +100 in a Howrse, it took me about a month to learn how to get +100. You will not find any training schedule or training methods for your horses here I hope to add them later. Leave a comment if you find this information incorrect and I will update information.


Howrse is a browser game and Free to Play.
With Howrse, breed horses, ponies or even donkey and manage an equestrian centre!
Register for free on Howrse and take care of your first horse!
  •  Take care of one or many horses,
  •  Enhance their skills by training them,
  •  Win competitions and be ranked amongst the best,
  •  Breed your horses and extend your breeding farm!
Manage a virtual equestrian centre!
  •  Build your equestrian centre, from meadows to boxes,
  •  Lodge breeders' horses,
  •  Hire staff to run your centre,
  •  Organize prestigious competitions
  •  And try to have the most famous centre on Howrse!
Basic information about BLUP
Your horse needs to gain 200 points to get full BLUP.
From -100 to +100 = 200 points

This is how to gain BLUP:
Your Horse Gains BLUP:
20 % of BLUP is gained each day upto age 10 = 40 points
65 % of BLUP for all rides and training done in top 3 skills = 130 points
15 % of BLUP for 20 victories = 30 points
= 200 points


At the age of 1 year and 8 months, your horse is able to start rides. If you want your horse to have those
extra skills, you have to do these rides. Once you know your horse's top 3 skills you can do rides, train, and enter competitions accordingly, in order to gain enough skill for +100 BLUP. Below you will find what breeds do what rides. I hope to post some ride schedules later.

Horse rides:

  • Appaloosa : Short gallop
  • Arabian : Long steep slope
  • Barb : Long steep slope
  • Brumby : Short gallop
  • Canadian horse : Long steep slope
  • Friesian : Long trotting
  • Hackney : Long trotting
  • Hanoverian : Short steep slope
  • Irish Hunter : Long galloping
  • Marwari : Long galloping
  • Morgan : Long steep slope
  • Mustang : Short galloping
  • Paint : Short gallop
  • Peruvian Paso : Long trotting
  • Purebred Spanish Horse : Short gallop
  • Quarter Horse : Short gallop
  • Russian Don Horse : Long steep slope
  • Standardbred : Short trotting
  • Thoroughbred : Short gallop

Pony rides:

  • Australian Pony : Short steep slope
  • Chincoteague Pony : Short gallop
  • Connemara : Long steep slope
  • Fjord : Long steep slope
  • Newfoundland Pony : Short steep slope
  • Quarter Pony : Long galloping
  • Shetland : Long steep slope
  • Welsh : Short galloping

Donkey rides: Long steep slope


Training boosts your horse's skills and chances of winning competitions. Each breed has 3 'top skills'. Those skills are the ones you want to complete first. Below you find assigned skills for each breed. I hope to post some training methods later.

Horse training:

  • Appaloosa : Speed, dressage, gallop
  • Arabian : Stamina, dressage, jumping
  • Barb : Stamina, speed, dressage
  • Brumby : Speed, stamina, gallop
  • Canadian horse : Stamina, dressage, jumping
  • Friesian : Dressage, stamina, trotting
  • Hackney : Trotting, stamina, dressage
  • Hanoverian : Jumping, gallop, speed
  • Irish Hunter : Dressage, stamina, gallop
  • Marwari : Gallop, dressage, stamina
  • Morgan : Dressage, jumping, stamina
  • Mustang : Speed, gallop, stamina
  • Paint : Speed, gallop, dressage
  • Peruvian Paso : Trotting, stamina, speed
  • Purebred Spanish Horse : Speed, dressage, gallop
  • Quarter Horse : Dressage, speed, gallop
  • Russian Don Horse : Stamina, jumping, dressage
  • Standardbred : Trotting, stamina, speed
  • Thoroughbred : Speed, gallop, dressage

Pony training:

  • Australian Pony : Dressage, speed, jumping
  • Chincoteague Pony : Speed, gallop, dressage
  • Connemara : Stamina, dressage, jumping
  • Fjord : Stamina, speed, dressage
  • Newfoundland Pony : Jumping, speed, gallop
  • Quarter Pony : Stamina, speed, dressage
  • Shetland : Jumping, stamina, speed
  • Welsh : Gallop, speed, dressage

Donkey training: Stamina, jumping, dressage

If you want to breed a good BLUP'ed horses in Howrse you will have to do some research of your own. This training and ride guide how to BLUP a horse in Howrse just a beginning of your long journey.
Good luck and have fun.
This information can be found in Howrse if you play the game for some time.


  1. Hello,
    Is there one for Knabs?
    Also, rides for KWPNs are short steep slopes.


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