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30 November 2012

Farming Simulator 2013 - Sheep (TUTORIAL)

Feed and look after the sheep in Farming Simulator 2013 is very easy. To feed and grow sheep we only need grass. This simple guide with pictures will show you how to feed then and make them happy.
If you buy sheep in game and don't feed them with grass you will get only 5% productivity.
To get 100% productivity you need to feed your sheep in game only with grass.  From sheep in game we get wool to sell.

You can find more information on how to grow and mow the grass in my older tutorial.
Farming Simulator 2013 - feeding cows

Let's begin with - where to find your sheep in game.
If you look at your PDA you will find a sheep icon on it. That's where your sheep can be found after you buy them in game shop. Your sheep will never die in game after you buy them so you can sell them if you decide that growing sheep is boring.

Click on picture to make it larger.
Where to find sheep and cow
Sheep and Cow location

I bout 10 sheep just to make this tutorial. This tutorial only shows you basics how to feed your sheep and what to do to get started with your sheep farm.
I bought a grass mower Amazone Profihopper to feed my sheep and I don't need mower and loading wagon. But if you want you can buy loading wagon and mower to feed sheep.

Sheep - Feeding

Mow the grass with Amazone Profihopper and unload grass at sheep feeding  place.
Amazone Profihopper
Feeding sheep with Amazone Profihopper
Sheep in FS 2013 produce wool. Place where you can sell wool marked as a ball of yarn on your PDA.
You can find a place where to sell wool If you look in the above image of PDA (sheep and cow location).

Sheep - Selling Wool

More sheep = faster production of wool = more grass you need to keep your seep at 100% productivity.

To do wool selling easy in FS 2013 we will need to buy machinery.
  1. Any Tractor
  2. Any Fork Lifter with Pallet Fork
  3. Bale Trailer

Taking sheep wool pallet from spawn place.
Sheep wool pallets

Loading seep wool pallets to bale trailer.
Loading seep wool pallets

If you are good with fork lifter you can place 10 wool pallets on the bale trailer. (I'm not that good as you can see in screenshot below)
You can place 10 sheep wool pallets on the bale trailer
So close...
To sell sheep wool at selling place you just need to drive in to this yellow rectangle (sheep wool selling area).
Sheep wool selling area

Sheep wool instantly will be sold as soon as enters to the selling area.
Instantly selling sheep wool at selling point
Selling sheep wool at selling point
Congratulation ! Now you know how to feed your sheep and what to do with your sheep wool pallets in
Farming Simulator 2013.

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