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04 June 2011

eRepublik - The New World | Online Social Strategy Game

Game eRepublik at www.eRepublik.com is the one of the best games I played from browser game category so far, But there is more... Read if you interested.

eRepublik is a massively multiplayer online strategy social game where you have the power to make a difference and fulfill your economic, political or military dreams like never possible before. Create your Citizen and you will have the opportunity to develop your military, economy or political career.
 Join NOW ! www.eRepublik.com
"Hmm...Looks interesting I want to tray this game" - I did and I have lots of friend in it.

Sad thing about eRepublic game is that game administrators and developers sometimes do changes with very bad effect to players.
eRepublik is a remarkable example of a product which has been horribly wasted by its owners. An extraordinary idea, delivered in an ugly package, an amazing community and its daily struggles with continuous attempts of the so-called creative staff to turn the game into a cash cow.
The worst thing is that they seem to be intelligent enough to realize, that few guys buying large quantities of gold can win an entire battle against a group of several thousands of regular players [!]. If you don't pay them, you aren't perceived as an equal.

I still play this game with hope that eRepublik owners one day realize that they are nothing without players and will do something good for all players not only for does who have credit card. If you wish to give this game a shot, click HERE to join eRepublik community. 
I will see you all in battlefield as my friend or my enemy. Good luck.